Surface Dominance in a world of David vs Goliath

undefinedThe word “dynasty” is often used in sports when a team secures continual success. The New England Patriots are about to compete in their 4th NFL Super Bowl in last decade. The opportunity to perform in an NFL Super Bowl is the dream of many - including Turf Nation. Turf Nation is about to join the New England Patriots and perform in their 4th Super Bowl. Turf Nation, located in Dalton, Georgia is a proud U.S.A. Manufacturer of Synthetic Turf Systems. Turf Nation, is far from being the largest turf manufacture by volume. A dedicated team of professionals, Turf Nation is determined to engineer fields that optimize sports-specific performance and maximize player

Never heard of Turf Nation? That is not a surprise. However, many prominent NFL franchises, 14 of the 32 teams, play and/or practices on a synthetic turf system manufactured by Turf Nation. On February 4th, Turf Nation, its Authorized Dealers and their dedicated employees will celebrate their 4th NFL Super Bowl in the last 6-years.

Sid Nicholls, President of Turf Nation explained, “There are many good vendors in our industry, Turf Nation has manufactured 4 NFL Super Bowl surfaces in the last decade, which is double that of all the other synthetic turf vendors combined. This level of recognition is the direct result of prominent NFL clients concluding that the synthetic turf systems manufactured by Turf Nation optimize player performance and maximize player safety.”

Synthetic turf surfaces manufactured by Turf Nation have now been used in the NFL’s biggest game in the past decade as many times as natural grass. “4 and 4”, announced Nicholls, explaining that Turf Nation has manufactured 4 NFL Super Bowl surfaces, which ties it with the number of natural grass fields used in the last 10 Super Bowl games.

During past Super Bowls, other turf vendors have attempted to create an association with the Super Bowl. “Many vendors attempt to lay claim to the NFL’s biggest game. The surface at U.S. Bank Stadium, that will be utilized for Super Bowl LII on February 4, 2018, was proudly manufactured by Turf Nation and installed by Kiefer USA (a Turf Nation Authorized Dealer),” stated Nicholls.

What will Turf Nation do to promote its success? Nothing!

Turf Nation is resolute in that, “it matters what you play on”. According to the Concussion Legacy Foundation research, “1 in 5 concussions are caused by surface impact” (White Paper-Nov 2015-Concussion Legacy Foundation). Turf Nations marketing strategy is simply to build the best turf surfaces and the belief that people will ultimately demand the safest surfaces for their players and come to respect our quality. Sort of a “if you build it better, they will find you” strategy, states Nicholls.

It is true that association with the NFL can elevate any brand, but what if you don’t have the budget
for multi-million-dollar commercials and full-page program ads?

“What marketing budget?” responds Nicholls, “we are not in a position to outspend our competitors, our success is based on educated clients, such as prominent NFL teams, selecting us for the right reasons – player safety and quality. We are simply grateful that people notice who we are and ultimately that it matters what you play on!”

So, what is next for Turf Nation? “Business never sleeps”, explained Nicholls, “While we celebrate the 4th NFL Super Bowl surface being manufactured by Turf Nation, we are focused on the successful completion of the new Minnesota Vikings practice facility – TCO Performance Center, which features multiple surfaces manufactured by Turf Nation for the new stadium, indoor fieldhouse and performance training area.”

undefinedWhat is unique about the installation at U.S. Bank Stadium? Conversion.

“U.S. Bank Stadium is a NFL Cathedral,” explained Nicholls, “U.S. Bank Stadium is engineered for conversion. Conversion and the resulting ability to host many different events is required to justify the investment in such an amazing facility. U.S. Bank Stadium, is not only home to the NFL Minnesota Vikings, featuring removable end zones and midfield logo, but incorporates over 50,000 square feet in the form of over 60 removable panels that allow the stadium to host, football, soccer,
rugby, lacrosse and baseball.”

Press inquiries can be directed to Sid Nicholls – President – Turf Nation – Cell: 905-736-4000

About Turf Nation
Turf Nation has manufactured high-quality synthetic turf for numerous schools and sports teams on the high school, collegiate and professional levels. Fourteen NFL teams currently play and/or practice on synthetic turf manufactured by Turf Nation, including the Minnesota Vikings, Houston Texans, New York Giants, New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, Cincinnati Bengals, Pittsburgh Steelers, Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, Buffalo Bills, Tennessee Titans, Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, and San Francisco 49ers as well as the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

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