Stadium's today are facing 3 major problems:

1. They are being pushed to have more and more events

2. Their current stadium floor makes it difficult or costly to host numerous events

3. There is not a stadium out there that doesn’t wish it had more storage

The good news is TURFalliance and Turf Nation are here to help solve your problems and provide you with the stadium conversion revolution you have been searching for!

In our article with Stadia Magazine we talk about the innovative system that TURFalliance has perfected, the RAP (Removable Active Panel) System that allows stadiums the flexibility of a high quality performance synthetic turf system on Sunday day, a concrete floor on Monday, and storage systems to fit every need.

undefinedOur RAP System is different because we have engineered our RAP panels to maintain the performance quality of an incitu field while providing the flexibility of a removable system.

On Sunday October 6, 2019 the Chicago Bears and Oakland Raiders with be the first NFL teams to step onto the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium field. A field consisting of 132 RAP Panels, an approximately a 50% convertible footprint.

Join us on Sunday as Tottenham embraces its inaugural NFL game!

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